The Enigma Chronicles

A young girl has been brutally murdered, the wrong person has been imprisoned and the only one who can help is you!

Prepare to take on your first case with "The Enigma Chronicles".

Every month for six months the players will receive a parcel in the post with a variety of props, puzzles and documents. All can be used to solve the case and save a life. Players will also have to investigate, outside of the information sent to them, but don't worry all that's required is a computer, phone or access to a library.  Think of it as a mix between a murder mystery and an escape room that you play at home. Each month should have more than enough content to keep you busy, especially if you go deeper down the rabbit hole. 

The story is unique and created by us here at Lock and Code and goes live in January 2019 for the first 20 customers. So order today by going to and ordering The Enigma Chronicles: ENVY. 

Call us now on: 01934 752116

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