The Quest for the Florentine Diamond

Cut by Lodewyk van Bercken for Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy The Florentine Diamond was said to have been of immense value. Charles is said to have been wearing it when he fell in the Battle of Morat on June 22, 1476. A peasant or foot soldier found it on the Duke's person and sold it for a florin, thinking it was glass. The new owner Bartholomew May, a citizen of Bern, sold it to the Genoese, who sold it in turn to Ludovico Sforza. It then came into the Medici treasury at Florence. Pope Julius II is also named as one of its owners.

The legendary Diamond then disappeared, however many people claimed to own the jewel.


It then re-emerged after the fall of the Austrian Empire during World War I, as the stone was taken by the last king of Hungary into exile in Switzerland. The stone was stolen some time after 1918 by a person close to the Imperial family and taken to South America with other gems of the Crown Jewels. After this, it was rumoured that the diamond was brought into the United States in the 1920s and was recut and sold.

Where it has gone now is an Enigma! 

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