We have 2 venues! Our West Wick branch hosts Alchemy, and our town centre branch hosts Breakout and League of Superheroes.

BREAKOUT! (closing 8th Feb 2020)


whilst trying to collect vital information for your cause, you have been caught by the enemy. Can you evade the guard and escape the prison before your time is up?


A game for 2-6 people.

Difficulty:  Medium/Hard

A more physical, adventure style game. A little more linear than the other games. 

The Music Box

(Opening 8th Feb)


A mysterious millionaire has tasked you with "retrieving" a music box from an abandoned house. After searching downstairs you hear a chiming sound coming from an empty bedroom. You enter, but will you ever leave?

The Alchemy Enigma

The Alchemist's chamber can be a mystical place and you are trapped inside. have you got what it takes to find the philosophers stone to make your escape?


A game for 2-6 people.

Difficulty: Medium (harder for smaller groups)

A great game for all ages, puzzle based and light hearted.


(closing 8th Feb 2020)

The Quizzler has escaped and placed a bomb within Superhero HQ. You need to break in to the hero training facility, find and disarm the bomb before your 60 minutes are up. Are you hero enough to save the city?

            A Game for 2-6 people

Difficulty: Easier (still not easy :) )

A tech based game, great for families or escape room beginners. 



Call us now on: 01934 752116

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