All our games are hosted at our West Wick Site. 

Music Box

A serial killer on the loose and your friend Eleanor was killed. You decided to hunt down her killer and after some cracking detective work narrowed the search to an abandoned house. You know of this house, the old Smythe place, it's said that when people enter they hear the sound of a child crying, a music box and then are never seen again.


After entering you hear some music coming from a bedroom upstairs. When you enter all goes black and you awaken caught inside. You need to get the key and get out before the killer does the job. 

A game for 2-6 people. 

The Alchemy Enigma

The Alchemist's chamber can be a mystical place and you are trapped inside. have you got what it takes to find the philosophers stone to make your escape?


A game for 2-6 people.

Difficulty: Medium (harder for smaller groups)

A great game for all ages, puzzle based and light hearted.

National Elf Service

Christmas Eve and Santa's doing well! He's delivered most of his presents in record time and the cookies and milk are tasting good! After arriving across the Atlantic he suddenly feels the top of his head is getting cold! Oh no! His magical hat has gone missing. It must have been left in the last house he delivered to. However he hasn't got time to double back and retrieve it! He needs to call in the National Elf Service! A crack commando team of Elves stationed in each country ready to be called into action at the "drop of a hat". Can they retrace Santa's steps, find the hat and save Christmas? 


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