Spellcraft Files:


Spellcraft our second Escape Room in a box!

Created for festive fun with friends and family, can you help to qualify as an apprentice wizard before it's too late? 

Ideal for 2 to 6 players, this game (designed in-house) requires access to the internet (google is your friend!) and you will also need to download our clue system either via the android play store, or as a program onto your PC/Laptop (links are below). Unfortunately, our app cannot yet be downloaded onto an apple device, so make sure you have a laptop or a cool kid with an android phone to hand! 

All clues and answers are available on the app after a certain length of time elapses, so even if you have no idea, help is always on hand!

We aim to have all boxes shipped out within 7 days of ordering, but if you need it urgently, please get in touch!

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Call us now on: 01934 752116

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