You are a star student at the school for Witches and Wizards and life is good. You’ve defeated all the evil Wizards, won all the sports competitions and pretty much get on with everyone. The only thing you forgot to do properly is STUDY. At this school end of year exams are a little bit different then a normal school and if you fail you won’t become a qualified wizard. But how hard can it be you just need to pass your Potions, Charms, Cartography, Runes and Wand Lore to name a few and all within 60 mins?


You wake up on the morning of the tests and go blank, you remember nothing…. In order to access each part of the test you need to get a magic word. Place the magic word or number into the Tome and you will be told which scroll to open next you also have a few objects that can be used at any time.

A simple message appears in front of you "Hope can always be found, you just need to look for the light"

Game on.