On the track of a killer you hunt him down to a small study, you enter. Hours later you come around chained to the wall with a clock counting down. It seems you have one hour before... well let's not find out.

This is not the same game as "The Last Victim"that previously ran at Weston. ALTHOUGH IT haS a similar theme It is an entirely new game. 


You've been away for some time, you arrive at your front door and push it open. Inside it's clear no one has been here for sometime. You light the fire and then start searching for clues as to where your wife and small child have been taken.

Can opener

You're being moved to Steel Gates prison, your transfer was abrupt but not unexpected. After some time the guards yell, the tyres screech and the van pulls to a stop. You hear two gun shots and you know it's your time to finally put the plan into action. You have one hour before back-up arrives. 


You've been captured. 

you must escape prison, get the plans and get to the chopper all in an hour. Oh and avoid the guard at all costs. 

good luck!

Christmas Post


Following the breakdown of the Festinator 3000 the elves don't know what to do. The list has completely mixed itself up and its up to them to find the original letters and match each child to their correct toy and get them sent off before Christmas Eve which gives them.... 60 minutes. 


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